Here's what some of our
members have to say...

A big thanks to our trainers for running such an awesome bootcamp! I’ve been going to the early morning sessions for two years now and its been great for my health and wellbeing. I work long hours in the Auckland CBD and I’ve found this to be the best way to fit in some focused and fun training into my busy schedule. The group environment is motivational and supportive - perfect for me as I need to be pushed to fully extend myself.

— Arthur, 41, Commercial Lawyer
After years of sedentary activity, my health journey began when I joined Bootcamp. I was overweight and needed to change my lifestyle. It took a lot of inner strength to take on a challenge that was physically very intimidating, and something I never would have considered a possibility for many months. The encouragement and support I gained from the team are the only reason I achieved my fitness goals. The experience definitely pushed my physical limits, and there were certainly times where I thought I couldn’t do it anymore, but the trainers were very supportive and worked at bridging the gaps in our varied fitness abilities in an encouraging way

— Moses, 35, IT Project Manager
Training with the team is fun and an important part of my life now. The trainers are great, they’ve got to know me and seem to know how far to push me to encourage me without making me feel silly, inspiring me to try and achieve results I once would have never thought was possible. I am physically and mentally better for this exercise and it helps me manage my weight, and my shape, and I’m enjoying the results.

I feel part of a team, it’s kind of like a special family, the “boot campers” are my friends now. Everyone looks out for each other, offering encouragement and care, we’re doing life together & it’s great. I would never exercise like this on my own. I like the variety, and it’s great just being told this is what we’re doing, (sometimes if I knew what was coming I don’t think I could face it) I’ve found I can do way more than I ever thought I could.

It’s good to get together with this group of people of all ages and walks of life and we just seem to have such a blast. Initially I was really nervous about giving it a go, but I’ve only ever been asked to do what I can do, and encouraged at my level of ability, and by this my fitness and confidence has increased hugely. I’m extremely grateful to the whole team for helping me to get fitter & healthier.

— Glenys, 55